Town planning

The accesses to the buildings are accompanied by a soft light, systematically leaning on the architecture. This “citizen” part of the private lighting contributes greatly to the nocturnal environment of the site as a whole. Pedestrian public spaces are lit by ambient candelabras with very precise photometrics and allow only the surfaces of a path to be illuminated transversely. The access ramps running through the cliffs are marked out by a set of lights integrated into the railings. Their positions allow marking (and not lighting) of these paths, ensuring the safety of the movements of the many users and respect for the fauna and flora of these places.


Lighting concept & Development: Joseph Frey
SEVE | AGCM Genève
Master builder: ADR
Original design furniture lighting: Joseph Frey
Manufactuers/Partners: ewo | Stoane Lighting | LED PUCK
Installer: SIG (Services Industriels de Genève)
Photos credits: Joseph Frey
Localisation: Geneva, Switzerland