LES MENUIRES – The Croisette


Environnements lumineux de l’esplanade de la Grenouillère

Town planning

The chromatic nights of the Croisette : a symphony of lights in color and movement


The chromatic nights of the Croisette create a symphony of lights, colors and movements. The Grenouillère esplanade is lit by four large Totem poles designed especially for this project. In the center of la Grenouillère, the chairlift building pulsates its colored light as the nerve center of the station. On each mast, five projectors integrated in five ring luminous bathe the snow-covered ground at the bottom of the tracks. These luminescent rings evoke the Olympic past prestigious of the station. At 9 p.m., the colorful symphony quiets down to give way to white lighting allowing movement under the passageways. At midnight, the entire installation shuts down, there are only more than the beacons of the grown-ups who watch like sentinels on the resort.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Project development:
Christine Badinier
Original design lighting furniture:
Laurent Fachard, Christine Badinier
Ville de St-Martin-de-Belleville (73) | Sevabel
Photo credits: Xavier Boymond
Localisation: Les Belleville, department of Savoie (73), France