Interior architecture

This project is part of the operational framework of the urban renewal of the Part-Dieu district, initiated by the Metropolis. The nocturnal dimension of the district and its infrastructures has been largely developed in this major urban project. The station is one of the main infrastructures of the district. She is the center of major interest. The issue of lighting and the nocturnal image of the station in its local environment and in the city is particularly sensitive. Its “light landscape” must therefore occupy a major place in the nocturnal landscape of the district. The station’s lighting project, through the high quality of its natural and artificial light environments, is in line with and fully meets the ambitions of the urban project, for a sustainable, committed and responsible light environment.


Lighting: Raphaël Jayol, Joseph Frey
Client: SNCF – Gare & Connexions
Master Builder: AREP architecte
Manufactuers/Partners: LED Linear | XAL | BEGA | EMERA
Photos credits: Guillaume Grasset
Localisation: Lyon, department of Rhône (69)