Town planning

Illumination at Dok Zuid Park in Antwerp. 300 functional luminaires, 120 suspended luminaires, illuminating the FOMU & MUKHA museums as well as the Zuiderpershuis and Waterpoort.
The transformation of a gigantic parking lot on the embankments of the former docks into an urban park required a special treatment of its lighting environments, decrescendoing from the urban façades towards the heart of the park, which was deliberately left in darkness.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Concept development: Joseph Frey, Pauline Gabinaud
AG Vespa
Master Builder: ADR | Georges Descombes | Erik de Waele | Tractebel
Partners / Manufactuers: WE-EF | Schréder | Stoane Lighting
Installer: FLUVIUS
Photos credits: Eric Muller
Localisation: Antwerp, Belgium