Environnements lumineux urbains de la Zac

Town planning

The new ornamental furniture imposes itself as the identity of the ZAC de la Soie. Low in height and on a human and urban scale, the Soie lantern with a decorative mask, with a motif reminiscent of thread cocoon of silk, contributes to the quality of pedestrian spaces. In complement of the decorative mask, the organic variation of the light gives life to the luminaire evoking the chrysalis in its cocoon before its metamorphosis.
The Miriam MAKEBA esplanade is punctuated by a succession of 4 high pole lights of 15m. This frees up space public by limiting emergences in order to make the facades legible remarkable and to give an identity to the place.
The paths of the Jacquard garden are marked out by small poles ambience equipped with a “Soie lantern” in the color of warm light. Children’s games are accentuated by lights points directed in shade of intermediate light, creating the nocturnal dynamics of the garden’s active spaces.


Lighting concept: Les Éclairagistes Associés
Project development:
Raphaël Jayol, Pauline Gabinaud
Grand Lyon – Métropole
Architect / Landscape architect: HYL, landscape architect | Berim et Artelia, engineering consultancy
Manufactuers / Partners:  Soliled | Comatelec | We-Ef
Installer: Sobeca
Photo credits: Jean Baptiste Guerlesquin
Localisation: Villeurbanne, department of Rhône (69), France