PARIS – The Elysée Palace


Illumination architecturale des façades et de la cour d’honneur

Architecture, Patrimony

It is from the heart of the Elysée Palace, from the interior of the building and its occupants that the light comes…


The Hôtel d’Évreux has different lighting scenes depending on the desired atmosphere:
– the “functional” mode guarantees light from all the openings of the building;
– the “reception” mode ensures a theater of operations that comes to life and reveals the décor of the façade: the stoop is lit up like a proscenium;
– the “ordinary” lighting condition ensures the durability and security of the site thanks to the lanterns in the Court of Honor.
The whole installation is made with low consumption LED projectors.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Project development:
Joseph Frey, Raphaël Jayol
Manufactuers / Partners: BEGA | Philips
Installer: Citeos grands projets IDF
Photos credits: Jean-Paul Pelissier, Reuters | LEA
Localisation: Paris (75), France