Lighting furniture on a human scale, integrated into the architecture, creating the nocturnal identity of the block


This project of outdoor light environments is part of the architectural and landscape project. Freeing the space of any lighting support, this suspended electroluminescent ceiling, discreet by day and radiant by night, constitutes the nocturnal identity of the block. The latter lights up sometimes intensely at the start of the evening, sometimes calmly as dawn approaches, depending on the activities of the users throughout the night.

Integrated into the facades, the luminous “pins” accentuate the “thorns” of the architecture. These intensive beams of light accompany the architectural gesture and reveal the “active base” of the island with signaling, discreet and economical light.


Lighting concept: AIA Management | LEA
Concept development:
Raphaël Jayol
Master builder: SUD ARCHITECTE | Wilmotte & Associés | ITAR architectures | MRP PAYSAGE
Installers: CNE | COTE
Partners / Manufactuers:
DGA | Stoane Lighting
Photos credits: Raphaël Jayol
Localisation: Lyon, department of Rhône (69), France