TOULOUSE – Cartoucherie eco-district


Environnements lumineux urbains

Town planning

The dramaturgy and night-time scenography of the new Cartoucherie district are based on its new urban, architectural and landscape qualities, as well as on its functions as a residential, service, cultural (the Zenith) and commercial district. The objective is to develop a new nocturnal concept for the Cartoucherie and to define a real “lighting policy” for the district, through the following challenges:

  • Meeting current public lighting needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
  • To contribute to the social and urban cohesion of the district by restoring the integrity of users through appropriate and quality lighting
  • Promote comfort and visual amenity and enhance the feeling of safety in the urban space at night


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Project development: Christine Badinier
Client: Ville de Toulouse
Master builder: ADP | A. Marguerit, landscape architect | B. Paris Architecte
Localisation: Toulouse, department of Haute-Garonne (31), France