Town planning

We favored Ambient and Accent Lighting. For the lighting of the esplanade, we opted for a treatment using 12 large masts on the monumental scale of the place but for the whole square, we brought the lighting furniture back to a human scale. . We have systematically integrated it into the landscaping and the alignments of trees, so as not to disturb the very orderly reading of the landscape crowning and the east/west perspective axis. Each space and each function corresponds to a different and particular light treatment.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Joseph Frey
Grand Lyon | Anne DRIVON-CHUIT
Master builder: J. Osty, paysagiste | Ellipse
Manufactuers/Partners: WE-EF | ETC | Valmont
Installer: CITEOS Lyon
Photos credits: Xavier Boymond
Localisation: Lyon, department of Rhône (69), France