Town planning

The luminous atmosphere transforms the site into a real place of nightlife, conducive to contemplation, shared pleasure and conviviality. Functional lighting on masts or wall lights illuminates the traffic lanes with a warm shade of light. The paths of public spaces and pedestrian sidewalks are lit by ambient lampposts. The directional floodlights on technical masts accentuate the remarkable elements of the landscape (banks, cliffs) and architecture (stone bridge and fresco). The beacons on the ground reveal the restored footbridge with an inverse light, in a cold tint.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Concept development: Raphaël Jayol
Client: Commune de Boën-sur Lignon
Master Builder: Tim Boursier, paysagiste | Artelia BET
Partners / Manufactuers: Comatelec / Lumenpulse / LEC / Eco innov
Installer: SOBECA Roche la Molière
Photos credits: Martin Jayol
Localisation: Boën-sur-Lignon, department of Loire (42)