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Architecture, Patrimony

“Luminous Occuli”
The “electroluminescent sign” of the quai Malaquais…


The light construction is based on the shapes and specific characters of the three facade architectures: Foch, Petit Chimay and Grand Chimay. From a distance, the three occuli of the Foch building and the summit glass roof of the Petit Chimay are the only remarkable elements that are perceptible in all observation conditions. They are a sign in the urban night and become a remarkable signal call in the urban environment of the district. In close-up views, the surroundings of the site form the setting and the urban framework of the buildings.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Project development:
Joseph Frey
Manufactuers / Partners: Pulsar | BEGA| Mike Stoane | Soliled
Installer: Citeos grands projets IDF
Photo credits: Xavier Boymond | Charles Jarry
Localisation: Paris (75), France