PARIS LA DÉFENSE – Boieldieu Terraces


Environnements lumineux des terrasses, design grand mât signal

Town planning

The lighting serves the scenographical and landscaping approach of “stratification” of the layers that underlines the new development of the Boieldieu terraces


At night, “on” the slab, the light comes from “underneath” the slab, from the electroluminescent “soft heart”. It emerges from the ground and springs from the openings, the strata, the interstices of the slabs and the concrete benches, in the direction of reverse light, artificial, grazing the ground and powerfully expressive.

Two tall poles help create intensity light at the intersections of the main paths. The design of these masts takes up the stacking of the slabs of the benches designed by the landscaper. This overlay evokes the stacking of the floors of the towers of La Défense which no longer end up getting lost in the sky.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Project development:
Christine Badinier
Original design lighting furniture:
Laurent Fachard, Christine Badinier
 Defacto – Paris La Défense
Master builder: Empreinte, landscape architect | P. Gangnet, architect | Igrec Ingénierie
Manufactuers/Partners: Technilum | ewo
Installer: VIOLA
Photos credits: Jean-Marc Charles
Localisation: Paris La Défense,  department of Hauts-de-Seine (92)