Town planning

The nocturnal promenades of the Parc du Vallon are links of light that weave an aerial luminous web between the districts. The main north-south axis becomes the “illuminated backbone” of the pathways and allows night travel in a feeling of security from the Vaise district to the Duchère plateau. The transverse axes, “the sleepers”, reinforce the night pedestrian services between the Duchère district and the town of Ecully. The secondary paths are not lit. The colored lighting of the vegetation and the crossings/dikes of the retention basins accompanies the walker’s journey. It makes it possible to enhance it, to make it dynamic and diversified. This illuminating light turns off at 11 p.m.


Lighting: Christine Badinier, Laurent Fachard
Client: SERL
Master builder: CAP-VERT Ingénierie
Manufactuers/Partners: Valmont, Philips, Comatelec
Installer: CITEOS
Photo credits: Laurence Danière
Location: Lyon, department of Rhône (69)