PARIS – ZAC Tolbiac Chevaleret


Environnements lumineux urbains de la promenade plantée Levi Strauss

Town planning

Three parallel and continuous light bangs: the urban promenade, the planted gardens and the balcony promenade


The urban promenade benefits from functional lighting and directional accent lighting with colored effects animates the planted gardens. The lighting is located at ground level and is directly integrated into the concrete walls, making more distinct the promenade and the landscaped ramp leading from the Halle Fressinet. Radiant lighting fixtures define the alleys and squares.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Project development:
Raphaël Jayol
SEMAPA Paris Rive Gauche | Ville de Paris
Architect/Landscape architect: P.Gangnet & Atelier Rivages architectes | Empreinte paysagiste | OGI & Artelia, engineering consultancy
Manufactuers/Partners: BEGA | Wibre | Color Kinetics
Installer: Engie Ineo | Bouygues énergies services
Photo credits: Xavier Boymond
Localisation: Paris (75)