LYON – Schuman Bridge


Illumination architecturale - éclairage public


Institution of Structural Engineers award 2015 « Highway and Railway Bridge Structure »


The night of the Schuman Bridge : a link between two hills


The treatment of the new bridge must be an example in luminous terms of “High Quality of Use”. Sidewalks are underlined from the handrail of the guardrails. Pavement is illuminated with side grazing light by integrated luminaires in the longitudinal box on either side of the track. arches of the bridge are simply revealed by the light reflected from grazing ground lighting. Center stack is aptly accentuated by ramps concealed under the apron.
The light effects, the scenarios, and therefore the atmospheres themselves of the bridge are varied, interactive and follow the use and attendance of the bridge, in three nocturnal temporalities. So this proposal integrates and unites, in a single direction of grazing light on roadways and sidewalks two distinct light effects: light functional ensuring the safety of pedestrian movements and cars and accent light for convenience and pleasure visual of contemplation for residents and walkers on the banks.


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Project development: Joseph Frey
Client: Grand Lyon
Master builder: Explorations architecture | Flint&Neil | Agibat | AIA
Photo credits:
Xavier Boymond
Localisation: Lyon, department of Rhône (69), France