Architecture, Patrimony

The building is distinguished by its composite character combining medieval military architectural aesthetics with Renaissance decor. From the chromatic intentionality of the medieval spirit to the lyricism of the Renaissance spirit, it is a question of exalting this richness and this variety by luminous decorations. The concept of permanent lighting is applied to the visibility, identification, recognition and appropriation of the architectural qualities of the building. Make it a place of nocturnal charm, a lively place, give it life at night. Act as if it were inhabited, and that all the JVS are partying there! A place of blissful contemplation of changing lights, stormy skies, darkness and disturbing penumbra. Accompany the castle in the bright and the dark, without rushing it, in intentional colors. By day, the castle is strong, it is beautiful and dominant, but at night, the castle is greedy!


Lighting concept: Laurent Fachard
Concept development:
Joseph Frey
Client: Ville de Pau
Master builder: SKERTZO | LEA
Partners / Manufactuers: Philips | ETC | iGuzzini
Installer: CEGELEC
Photos credits: Xavier Boymond
Localisation: Pau, department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64)